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  • Mapping the currently used hardware and software and preparing a precise list
  • Maintenance of computers and other IT devices
  • Device system and software updates
  • Delivering accessories and spare parts
  • Antivirus software


Looking for Remote IT Support Services

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IT management services is suitable for companies that do not want to manage their remote IT Support equipment by themselves. The management service basically releases a company from the obligation to hire its own IT specialist. The value of tools as such has never been significant. What matters most is what you can do with them, e.g. in the case of IT tools, the most important thing for the user is the functionality they use in their daily work or that their work directly depends on. This is why we don’t manage pieces of hardware, but do all we can to ensure that the necessary functions are always accessible to users, in working order and easy to use irrespective of the physical device in which the functionality can be consumed.


Grid divides remote IT support equipment into two major categories: devices that are directly used by the user, such as desktop and laptop computers, LAN equipment, printers, etc.; and devices located at a distance, which are generally servers.